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For the revision period this year we asked you what your toughest topic is for each law subject – and we’re now giving these topics away for free! Above you can find the Nutshells Topic Guides we’ve released so far. We’re releasing more every few days so subscribe now to avoid missing out.

We also asked students how they revise with Nutshells Revision Guides – these are their top tips:

1.  Get an overview of the subject to structure your revision and avoid missing anything
2.  Review all the key cases for each topic – some recommend 10-15 cases per essay
3.  Get a quick understanding of the legal principles for areas you’re struggling with
4.  Take them with you wherever you go – test yourself until you can recall the key facts
5.  Practice with the exam questions and model answers
6.  Flick through a few days before the exam to get a full refresh of the subject

Nutshells & Nutcases were the first legal revision guides, and are still known for combining authority and breadth. Nutshells provide a full overview, while Nutcases are unique in giving a summary of the key cases for a subject.

Nutshells and Nutcases revision guides are available from

Post a review of Nutshells or Nutcases revision guides below for the chance to win a set of 20 Nutshells and Nutcases books.

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16 Responses

  1. Guest says:


  2. Guest says:


  3. I have tried to access the Nutshells Revision Guides but unfortunately the links do not work – can anyone offer any assistance?

  4. Jeanie says:

    Hi, can I buy the entire copy of contract law from you online? Thanks.

  5. Lola says:

    Hi I would love the chance to win 20 nutshells and nutcases books.When I was studying the law of tort and contract law, i struggled in a few areas. I have now grasped the legal principles and concepts of both. Specifically I used nutshells to help with tort. I look forward to using nutshells to assist me with my future studies.

  6. Mark Tuite says:

    In my very first semester, I had a really hard time getting to grips with reading long, tedious law books that told me everything I needed to know, plus 100 other things that were not relevant to my learning. So, I turned to Nutshells for the Irish Legal System and Method, read the book, understood it completely (in stark contrast to reading the assigned textbook which I had previously book and have since regretted it), and ultimately “aced” the exam. Thank you Nutshells! I would love to win a set of your books 😉

  7. Paulaaaakc says:

    Nutshells revision guides are amazing, I used them last year for a few modules including contract, constitutional and administrative law and criminal law, everything is broken down so easily and the nutcases tell you key legal principles so it’s easy to revise from, not too brief, not too long. I would absolutely LOVE 20 nutshells and nutcases books! I mostly struggle with equity and trusts 🙁

  8. Hannah Lane says:

    I found it hard as a non-law student embarking on the GDL reading long-winded legal books, but Nutshells books gave me a summary which enabled me to gain a better understanding of the course. So helpful! I would love to win a set of your books Nutshells, please!

  9. The EU Law Nutshells revision guide has been fantastic. It broke down all the topics clearly and concisely, I now feel ready for my EU Law exam. Thanks Nutshells!

  10. Christiana Roberts says:

    It is great to find a revision guide that ultimately and compltely understands the mind set of someone trying to revise. The layout is perfect and easy to follow which makes revision less stressfull and to the point. Truely grateful towards the authors and inllustrators for creating the best revision guide thus far !!!!!!!!!! 🙂 thanks so much.

  11. Jade Corden says:

    Throughout my EU law studies I struggled to fully understand all the different concepts and principles. I turned to Nutshells EU law revision guide for help and that is exactly what I got. Nutshells guide was concise yet informative and allowed me to get to grips with the subject. Having read the EU book I now feel confident in my knowledge and understanding. I would highly recommend the Nutshells series to anyone, especially those struggling to get to grips with specific areas of law.

  12. Sab_12 says:

    I’m a first year and I’m finding it hard getting used to all this reading but even the short guides by Nutshell are so helpful! the best bit is definitely being able to understand what the guide actually says unlike the textbooks where I’m struggling on every other sentence 🙁 Would love to win these books – would be extremely useful when it comes to revision!!