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Our Sweet & Maxwell print titles have been used by practitioners and students for over two centuries.

As well as authoring books, Sweet & Maxwell authors also produce free content, including features, guides and updates to help you in your progression from student to lawyer.

About Sweet & Maxwell

  • Textbooks. Written by leaders in their field, many Sweet & Maxwell textbooks are renowned as authorities in their own right. Available from bookshops, with many on Amazon.co.uk Kindle.
  • Nutshells & Nutcases. Nutshells & Nutcases were the first legal revision guides, and are still known for combining authority and breadth. Nutshells provide a full overview, while Nutcases are unique in giving a summary of the key cases for a subject.
  • Osborn Law Dictionary App. Search for terms while results appear as you type, browse the full list of terms, navigate between definitions in seconds – available on iPhone and iPad from the iTunes and iOS App Store.

Content from Sweet & Maxwell titles, updates, and regular Nutcases and Nutshells are available on the Law Student.

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Monthly Nutcase: R v Secretary of State for Transport Ex p. Factortame 1990 (EU law)

1 comment, posted on March 14, 2013

This month in our series of monthly bitesize extracts from Nutcases revision guides,  we have an outline of R v Secretary of State for Transport Ex p. Factortame 1990. Key Principle The full effectiveness of EU law would be impaired […]

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New Update – Criminal Law – The Fundamentals

No comments, posted on May 13, 2016

(3rd Edition, 2013) Christina McAlhone and Natalie Wortley have written an update to Criminal Law – The Fundamentals covering all developments up to May 2015. Download the Criminal Law – The Fundamentals update here. Share this:


New Update – Darbyshire on the English Legal System

No comments, posted on January 18, 2016

(11th Edition, 2014) Penny Darbyshire has written an update to Darbyshire on the English Legal System covering all developments up to December 2015. Click here to download the Darbyshire on the English Legal System update now.  If you don’t already have a […]

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