FutureLegalLegends – the Ode





Here’s to the long days and to much longer nights.
To the plans you had to cancel, to those un-drunken pints.
Here’s to cheap frozen pizza, eaten every meal.
To scrimping and saving and stationery deals.
Here’s to studying ‘til dawn, and  hours of reading.
To your relentless commitment, and stress levels increasing.


Here’s to finding needles in haystacks, and exams that you ace.
To the hard graft invested, searching case after case.
Here’s to the tutes, the revision, the panic and fear.
Here’s to you, you future lawyer and to your amazing career.
To the doers, the talkers, the confusion abaters.
The detectives, debaters, the smooth operators.


But most importantly, here’s to you…


Barristers, solicitors, legal professionals of tomorrow.
Here’s to your hard work, your victories, your sorrows.
Here’s to your future – it’s been one hell of a ride.
Know that then, just like now, we’ll be right by your side.


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