Take the Westlaw quiz

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Ready to Westlaw it?

This activity is a fun way to guide beginners through features on Westlaw UK.

To begin…

  • Make sure you are logged in to Westlaw UK (WLUK)
  • Complete the blanks / answer the questions below to indentify the search terms for the puzzle


  1. The quickest way to ask Westlaw UK a question…………… (two words).
  2. ……… of Legal terms is a dedicated tool for finding legal definitions on WLUK
  3. In R v……..The defendant said this celebrity…………….told him to be racist to an “African lady shopkeeper”
  4. A………………. means an individual who has entered into or works under (or, where the employment has ceased, worked under)— according to the National Minimum Wage Act 1998 s.54
  5. The Article ‘Save a Prayer for Duran Duran in High Court’ appears in the……….law review
  6. You may not be currently aware but ……decided not to prosecute MP’s over election expenses (two words)
  7. …………………Don’t read into it too much but this leading title on criminal pleading and evidence kind of matches with the surname of a main character in the TV show Gossip Girl (first word)
  8. Lorna Woods from the University of ……..wrote an insightful piece on Media Ownership on WLUK
  9. In 2017 AB Bank ltd said they were defrauded by the …….office of this commercial bank, I personally wouldn’t write a weekly report about it.(location)
  10. To shed more light on liability arising from damage done by animals as per Animals Act 1971 section 2,the Law commission said a potential defendant is “equally the creator of a special risk if he knowingly keeps, for example, a savage Alsatian…” in the same way as he keeps what animal? (Jungle Book fans – think of someone who really really wants to kill Mowgli



  1. Natural Language
  2. Index
  3. R v Ahmed and Britney Spears: The hint is for students to guess they have to use exact phrase search i.e a connector. This case comes up first if you search “Britney Spears” in the free text search field or if you type in “African lady shopkeeper” but users need to check the transcript to see where search terms appear
  4. Worker (great way to show how to quickly access specific sections of an act using the Act/SI field with the provision drop down option
  5. Entertainment: Article search for title
  6. The CPS: Current awareness>archive> search for free text – prosecute MPs or combine MPs with subject word search for Elections
  7. Archbold: Books>Browse>Crime>Archbold (Bonus if they notice clue – read into it)
  8. Essex: Insight>contributors>W or title search within insight (clue is in the reference to ‘insightful’)
  9. Dubai – Browse into Weekly Law Report>2017> first case reported or they can search AB Bank and summary contains reference to Dubai office
  10. Tiger –Legislation>Animals Act 1971>section 2> annotations contain a case note which refers to Tiger