Hear from the Author: English Legal System – The Fundamentals

No comments, posted on August 26, 2014

Jo Ann Boylan-Kemp, author of English Legal System – The Fundamentals has created a wealth of materials to accompany her newly published textbook. These include a series of videos with author commentary, to give you extra insight into the subject.

Click here to view these extra resources.ELS Fundamentals

English Legal System – The Fundamentals uses clear text combined with charts, grids and diagrams to give you an understanding of the fundamentals of the law. This new textbook focuses on what the law is, sources of law, how the law is used, the civil and criminal court systems, ADR, legal personnel, the judiciary, juries, funding, sentencing and appeals.

To order your copy of English Legal System – The Fundamentals, visit sweetandmaxwell.co.uk.