Westlaw UK Clues & Cues: Westlaw UK Insight

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Clues & Cues is our series of mini walk-throughs for features of Westlaw UK that can give you the most help in your studies.

Westlaw UK Insight

Westlaw UK Insight is an ever-expanding online legal encyclopaedia providing a comprehensive statement of UK law. Covering England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, and delivered via a topic-based interface, providing up-to-date, expert guidance on the law.

Insight is the perfect starting point when researching on Westlaw UK. With areas of law introduced and explained, you can gain an overview and learn how to best apply it to your studies. Insight’s intelligent technology allows seamless linking to Westlaw UK‘s case reports, legislation, books and journals cited in articles, assisting you to become more productive, efficient and successful.

Westlaw UK Insight can be found on the first tab of the main navigation bar on Westlaw UK


A great starting point for solving problems, when you don’t know where to begin – Westlaw UK Insight combines the power of technology with deep expertise and understanding of the law. Arranged hierarchically by subject matter, Westlaw UK Insight facilitates efficient and intuitive navigation of the law across jurisdictions. Rather than searching, you have the option to browse through all topics. Just click on the + icon to view the topics sub-categories, allowing you to research in more detail.



Like Cases, Legislation, and Journals on Westlaw UK, searching Insight is made easy.

Westlaw UK insight includes intuitive searching via our suggested terms dropdown box. Suggested terms can help you identify a legal concept or term quickly as well as find terms that match your search criteria, or related terms that you may need to know about.



Once you have entered your search, a results list will display a simple and clear set of articles.

You have the option to Show Terms in Context, allowing you to see how your search appears in each result.

Westlaw UK Insight search results are returned with the most relevant result at the top, but you can also sort all results by A to Z list.


Once you select a result, you then come to the Article page.

Articles are structured in a way that allows you to quickly read and absorb the facts , then link directly to related materials to read further around the subject.

Through this succinct, up-to-date expert guidance on the law, you’ll be able to find the information you need more quickly.


Created specifically for online, Westlaw UK Insight is designed to be relevant, comprehensive and yet concise.

Links throughout each topic direct you quickly and clearly to essential case law, statutory material, key concepts and areas of complexity/change.

Each article also has a link through to the Authors Biography, as well as links to blogs and websites where applicable.

All Insight articles are written by experts in their field – both practitioners and academics.

Westlaw UK Insight is integrated with social media. This means you can share any article via LinkedIn or Twitter using the buttons at the top of the page.

You can personalise Westlaw UK Insight to make it easier to keep track of the topics that interest you.
Simply click the ‘Watch’ button at the top of an article and it will be added to a Watched Topics section on your Insight homepage.



Next time you log in you’ll know when an article has been updated by the icon next to the topic button.

You can also set up alerts to be emailed when an article is updated.

You can add any article to your Folders and there are the usual options to save, email and print.

Let us know what you think or post any questions about Westlaw UK Insight below.

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