Westlaw UK Clues & Cues: How to Setup Alerts

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Clues & Cues is our series of mini walk-throughs of features of Westlaw UK that can give you the most help in your studies.

Westlaw UK Alerts

Westlaw UK Alerts make it easy to stay up-to-date with news and legal developments of interest to you.


The Create a New Alert feature allows you to use the powerful Westlaw UK taxonomy to create alerts which monitor Cases, Journals and Current Awareness for selected legal subjects.
To create a new alert, click on the Alerts link at the top of the Westlaw UK screen.




From the Alerts List page, click on the “Create a New Alert” button at the top left of the page. You will be taken to the Alert Creation screen where you can select the type of content and subject areas on which you wish to receive updates.



Once you have selected the content types and subject areas click on Next at the bottom of the screen. You will be taken to the Manage this alert page where you will be required to;

  • Name your Alert; this will help you identify different alerts on the Alerts List page
  • Enter a Client ID against which the alert will be recorded
  • Select how often you wish the alert to be delivered to you
  • Enter an email address to which you want the alert delivered. For delivery to multiple email addresses, separate each address with a semi-colon
  • Choose how you wish to receive the alert documents: if you select “All documents”, you will receive the full text of each document. If you select “Result List”, you will receive a results list which details all the documents and gives an overview of their content, from which you can link to the full text on Westlaw UK
  • You can also add IP authentication to an alert by entering your sponsor code on this screen. If you are unsure of your sponsor code please contact the Westlaw UK Customer Support desk. If you do not wish to add IP authentication please leave this option blank.
    Once you have modified your delivery settings click on Save Alert button at the bottom of the page to complete the alert set up

The maximum number of results an alert can deliver is 50 for an alert containing full text documents, 200 for news articles and 1000 for alerts delivering results list. If you wish to monitor multiple content types and subject areas consider creating multiple alerts concentrating on specific areas.


In addition to the Create a New Alert feature, alerts can also be created from a search result. This feature is particularly useful if you wish to monitor News sources or to create alerts on very specific subjects.

Begin by running a search in the normal way. In addition to search terms, use the browsing functionality to focus your search.


Once you have a result list you are happy with, click on the Save as Alert link at the top right hand corner of the screen. This will take you to the Manage this Alert page where you can set the delivery settings and save the alert.

Once the alert has been saved you will begin receiving your documents the next day, week or month depending on the delivery frequency selected.

You can select to save the search results as a Saved Search as opposed to being notified via email. When this notification option is chosen the Frequency, Email Address, File Format and IP Authentication options are greyed out.



To access any existing saved searches select Alerts from the top toolbar and click on Run Search.


The Case Alert feature on Westlaw UK makes it possible for you to set up entries to automatically monitor the status of a particular case and sends you updates when information relating to that case changes.

To create a Case Alert, go to the Case Analysis document, full text document or Graphical History for the desired case and click on the Create Case Alert link at the top right hand corner of the screen.


This will take you to the Manage this Alert page where you can set the delivery settings and save the alert.




To modify your alerts, click on the Alerts link at the top of the Westlaw UK page to display your alerts list. From this page you can edit the content and subject of the alert, change delivery options and update e-mail addresses for existing alerts.


To edit an alert created from a search select the alert you wish to edit from the Alerts List, click on Edit and you will be presented with the search template from which the alert was created, with the original search terms pre-populated in the search template. From here you can edit the search terms and then run the search and click Save as Alert


To edit an alert created from Create an Alert page select the alert you wish to edit from the Alerts Listand click Edit. You will be taken to the Create Alert screen with your selection pre-populated. From here you can edit both the content type and subject.
You also have the option to replace an existing alert or to create a new alert from this page.


You can also suspend or delete existing alerts.



Clicking on the Suspend link will stop delivery of an alert; this can be for a set period or indefinitely. A suspended alert can be reactivated by clicking on the Reactivate button next to the alert name on the Alerts List. Clicking on the Delete button will permanently remove the alert from your Alerts List.

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